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Sustainability at Sto

Building with conscience

Case Study: Reception and office building Sto Headquarters Stühlingen, Germany

Building means helping to shape the world. Those who build consciously know about the responsibility they have. For more than 60 years we at Sto have been applying our knowledge and energy in this field to enable sustainable building and create aesthetic value as part of the process.

Zero-energy Headquarters Building - completed 2016

A good example of this is our own zero-energy reception and office building constructed to passive house standards- at Sto Headquarters in Stühlingen, Germany which was completed in 2016. It was one of the first buildings to receives the DGNB (the German Sustainability Council) platinum seal of approval.

The aim was to construct not only an aesthetic and energy-optimized building, but one that can produce the energy it needs itself. This is achieved by a sophisticated energy concept and a range of innovative technologies including the reuse of the energy produced by the data center. It shows us that sustainability and ambitious energy standards combined with a passion to change attitudes and construction methods are not just a vision, but reality.

German DGNB platinum seal

The DGNB acknowledges the sustainability of the building over its entire life cycle. The evaluation covers the areas of ecology, economy, socio-cultural and functional quality, technology and the planning and construction process. It also takes into account the quality of the location, the use of building materials that are compatible with health and the environment, barrier-free access and flexibility in terms of technology and room layout.

Naturally the building contains a whole range of Sto’s own products including ventilated rainscreen glass cladding incorporating PV, external wall insulation systems and finishes, 3 dimensional CNC cut façade profiles, seamless acoustic ceilings, floor coatings and lime-based interior wall plasters.

  • 41141_2400_1600
    Main reception area and PV façade
  • 41147_2400_1600
    StoVentec Glass and 3D façade elements
  • 41148_2400_1600
    Detail 3D façade elements and StoVentec Glass façade panels
  • Acoustic ceiling, sound reverberation control
    Informal meeting space

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