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A Full Range of Standard and Bespoke Surfaces

  • Render


    Modern render or Stucco offers almost infinite design possibilities in terms of texture, colour, sheen, applied additives and bespoke techniques.

    Mineralic (sand-cement-lime) renders can provide a facade's surface with a heterogeneous character but are recommended to be overcoated, due in part to the risk of efflorescence and also in order achieve consistency and more intense, bright colours. In addition to these materials, Sto also offers a portfolio of synthetic cement-free renders, which are pre-mixed, through coloured, flexible and offering a consistent colour tone as well as ensuring that minor knocks and chips are not obvious.

    Crack-resistance build-ups
    Our range of cement-free build ups, which include synthetic reinforcing coats offer up to 15 times higher degrees of crack resistance compared to cement-based finishes and offer additional reassurance.
    Follow the link for an overview of our range of StoRend systems.


  • Customised Render Surfaces


    Textures + Effects = Endless Possibilities

    StoSignature allows you to put unique surfaces into effect via a logical and systematic approach to application. Available for facades and for specific acoustic surfaces.

    The methodology behind StoSignature is simple.- Start with a texture, either a single product or combination of products, tools or techniques, choose either a colour within the material or as a coating to provide either a sheen or glaze appearance, and finally add a variety of effect particles into the moist finish


  • Verolith

    Our 3D facade elements and profiles are manufactured using StoVerolith, a perlite based material that can be used as either a monolithic board or hollow section profile.
    The monolithic, light-weight perlite-based material Verolith is available as standard architectural profiles or it may be cut using state of the art computer aided manufacturing processes.


  • Glass


    Glass rainscreen cladding offers a surprising number of options –reflectivity, colour and form, are now supplemented by state of the art digital printing techniques, offering the opportunity of transferring the digital to the physical.


  • Brick


    Our brick slips are manufactured using a similar material to our facade renders. This attribute, together with the manufacturing process, allows us to very carefully match or contrast with existing facade surfaces in terms of colour, texture and form. It also offers the opportunity to create new and exciting shapes, patterns, textures and colours.


  • Acoustic


    Good acoustics need to be more than seen to be heard - as they have a similar appearance to standard surfaces and finishes. At our materials resource library in Clerkenwell there is the opportunity to experience our acoustic systems and finishes which are installed throughout.

    The acoustic properties increase not only the comfort level of a space, but they can also increase the productivity and wellbeing of the people that occupy them.


  • Intelligent Technology Finishes


    Using nature and techniques of biomimicry, Sto scientists have developed a range of Intelligent Technology Finishes to provide tangible benefits to facade surfaces. Each technology when applied to the appropriate environmental demand placed on a building can support: Cleaner facades (StoColor Lotusan); breaking down NOx pollutants (StoColor Photosan); quick drying facades (StoColor Dryonic) and heat management on dark coloured facades (StoColor X-Black).


  • Choice of colour

    StoColor System
    StoColor System

    Our render, plaster and acoustic finishes are through-coloured meaning that the inevitable scratches chips and other minor damage caused by the day to day use of a building are not obvious.

    In order to give you the best possible representation compared to a flat colour card, we have 460 through-tinted samples available in our resource library.

    Likewise, white is not always white and the luminance of a material is effected by its binders and raw materials so the Werkstatt makes it as convenient as possible to compare colours, textures and effects all in one place.

    Download files from the StoColor system in formats for photoshop, illustrator, sketchup, JPG and more.

    Download StoColor System

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