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Glass rainscreen cladding offers a surprising number of options

Glass rainscreen cladding offers a surprising number of options –reflectivity, colour and form, are now supplemented by state of the art digital printing techniques, offering the opportunity of transferring the digital to the physical.

Texture: Smooth, monochrome or patterned with the potential to simulate texture using digital printing techniques.

Colour: Available at the Werkstatt in a range of standard RAL colours, alongside examples of digitally printed pattern and simulated textures in A4 format.

Technical Considerations:StoVentec Glass is suitable for specification within high traffic areas. The system has passed all industry standard soft-body impact tests, plus hard-body impact tests in accordance with BS EN 356. Additionally it has passed blast testing in accordance with ISO 16933 'Glass in Building - Explosion resistant security glazing', a requirement before the system can be applied in certain public areas

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Case study

Meet the Designers: Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg from Space Popular on ‘The Glass Chain’ and Sto Ventec Glass.

Discover more about the concept and design processes behind ‘The Glass Chain’, a recent body of work by London based architects Space Popular, commissioned and exhibited at Sto Werkstatt.

Lara and Fredrik’s brief was to redefine the limitations of glass as a building material, and their interpretation offered new perspectives on glass in architecture, connecting imagined utopias of early German modernism with virtual reality experiences being designed today.

“we are working with glass as a material which needs to have content, and you are looking at the content in the glass very similarly to how we look at our screens on our phones” describes Lara Lesmes. “We were specifically interested in digital printing which can almost be seen as a virtual layer burnt into a 2 Dimensional surface. So, the building that we created is essentially a virtual building that exists really only in the virtual realm” continues Fredrik Hellberg.