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StoSilent Acoustic Systems

Acoustic Sample Boxes for Your Studio

StoSilent Distance A range of suspended ceiling or wall linings with a choice of finishes from smooth to stippled indicating also intensity of colour achievable.

StoSilent Direct A seamlessly applied mineral fibre based system with smooth to stippled surfaces.

StoSilent Modular A range of retrofit panels in a range of sizes, form and colours.

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Sto Acoustic Sample Boxes

Acoustic References

We take particular pride in having provided technical and material support advice on a huge range of global and local projects.

Enclosed, via the link below, are just a few examples of how our StoSilent seamless suspended ceiling, directly applied and modular acoustic panels have been used to improve the sound attenuation in a huge range of building types. From small scale residential to large religious or cultural or civic spaces, all buildings, and hence their occupants can benefit from sound acoustics.

Click here for a range of examples.

Sound reverberation control

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Your Sto specification support team in Central London

  • Grant Littlejohn
    Grant Littlejohn International projects
  • Nadja Lavin
    Nadja Lavin Material & sustainability consultant
  • James Gosling
    James Gosling Acoustic & interior system
  • Ian Sired
    Ian Sired (Greater) East London
  • Darren Greenwell
    Darren Greenwell South London
  • Amy Croft
    Amy Croft Curator of Sto Werkstatt

Supporting Architects with advice on Facade Insulation, Rainscreen Cladding
& Acoustic Systems in Central London