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Render - three essential attributes of all our renders and plasters - Texture, Colour, Technical considerations

There are three essential attributes of all our renders and plasters that should be chosen during the specification process:

Texture: Stippled, rilled, seamless or bespoke patterns and techniques

Available in grain sizes from 1– 6mm, from smooth to extremely rough.

Colour: A range of 450 through–tinted samples are available for immediate viewing.

Additional application of metallic sheen and added particles increase the design possibilities.

Technical considerations: Available with mineral, silicone and acrylic resin based binders as well as with Lotus effect technology each with its own technical advantages.

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Case study

Meet the Architect: Sir Peter Cook on ECOLA and innovative uses of render and plaster

This short film introduced by Sir Peter Cook, discusses the aims and objectives of the ECOLA competition held in the UK in 2015.

“competitions are very useful creatively because they encourage you to consolidate your ideas and they encourage the young to break out…”

ECOLA is the ‘The European Competition for the innovated use of render & plaster’ and consists of a juried European competition, workshops and conference, exploring future possibilities for render and plaster in architecture and celebrating its endless expressive possibilities. In 2015, the ECOLA jury was chaired by Sir Peter Cook and workshops were held in the UK, culminating in the exhibition ‘Hands-On’ at Sto Werkstatt designed by