The monolithic, light-weight perlite-based material Verolith is available as standard architectural profiles or it may be cut using state of the art computer aided manufacturing processes. This allows existing stone details to be either reproduced or new three dimensional elements, patterns, textures or graphics to be created within the material. Our team will advise on how to create even large scale almost seamless facade elements.

Used for architectural cornices, architraves, corbels, friezes, pilasters and bespoke profiles for either new or the refurbishment of facades.

Texture and Shape: Bespoke surfaces, textures & profiles. Using CAD/CAM techniques verolith is cut using a CNC Router—a computer controlled cutting machine—to shape it into any design of form or pattern.

Colour and Finish: The board joints and fixing points are filled, sanded and finished with a compatible coating from the extensive Sto range of smooth, textured, matt or gloss coatings.

Technical Considerations: The thickness of the material ranges from 40mm to 200mm or in the case of large profiles, as a hollow section.

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Case study

Meet the Architect: Sam Jacob Studio on ‘One Thing After Another’ and Sto Verolith

Studio director Sam Jacob and architect Eddie Blake describe the design processes behind ‘One Thing After Another’, an installation at Sto Werkstatt that explored the use of Sto Verolith within a digital design process.

“What really fascinated us was the possibility to try and essentially take a piece of architecture through a digital process and output it again.” -Sam Jacob, Director at Sam Jacob Studio.

The installation investigates the possibilities of digital production that go beyond the blandly futuristic and suggests how new technologies can open up a wide array of design possibilities that embrace process, imperfection, narrative and history.

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