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Intelligent Technology Finishes

Intelligent Technology Finishes - Lotus Effect

This IQ range utilises patented technologies such as Visible Light Catalysts (VLC) and NIR (Near-Infra Red) reflective pigments as well as Lotus-effect Technology.

Technical Considerations

StoColor Dryonic
Protects facades from algae and fungus by quickly shedding water and drying after rain or dew formation.
Available in 850 colors.


StoColor Photosan
Using VLC technology (visible light catalyst) to break down Nitrogen and Ozone particles.
Works with artificial and natural light.
Available in white and limited tints.

StoColor X-Black
Reflects the near-infrared spectral region of solar energy.
Keeps temperatures low, preventing discolouring, cracking and chalking of facades.

StoColor Climasan
Using VLC technology (visible light catalyst) in combination with oxygen to break down substances which contribute to room odours.

StoColor Lotusan
Hydrophobic surface helps dirt run off with the rain, helping to keep facades cleaner for longer.
Available in 650 colours.


StoColor Photosan, X-Black, Climasan, Lotusan

Case Study

Meet the Architects: Bureau de Change on ‘Droplet’ and Sto’s intelligent facade coating.

Rising London architecture stars Katherina Dionysopoulou and Billy Mavropoulos of Bureau de Change offer an insight into their installation ‘Droplet’ at Sto Werkstatt, London. |

In this reflective short, the elegance and simplicity of Bureau de Change’s installation, first installed at Sto Werkstatt in Autumn 2016, is captured in cinematic sensuality. Shot by the documentary film-maker and photographer Ben Blossom, the immersive atmosphere is recorded for longevity, alongside the succinct staging of Sto’s intelligent facade coating StoColor Lotusan.