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Rainscreen Cladding build up / AR object

Example StoVentec R (render)

Advantages of Sto Rainscreen Cladding Systems

  • benefits in terms of building physics thanks to rear ventilation of the facade (humidity, sound and thermal protection)
  • maximum design possibilities
  • curved shapes possible
  • huge variety of creative possibilities using colour shades, textures, and materials
  • large seamless facade surfaces possible
  • unevenness can be levelled by means of an adjustable sub-construction
  • lowest thermal bridging coefficient due to bespoke sub-construction made from a combination of stainless steel and aluminium
  • passivhaus-certified sub-construction possible that is free from thermal bridges
  • highly weather-resistant
  • very high crack resistance
  • high reliability due to system solution with matched components

Examples of reference projects are here

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