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One Thing After Another, an installation by Sam Jacob Studio

May 24, 2016 10:00 pm - August 30, 2016 10:00 pmSto Werkstatt
Sam Jacob Studio

“One Thing After Another is part of a series of projects we’ve been working on that explore the possibilities of digital inputs and outputs. They explore how objects can be transmitted through forms of technology and how that transmission leaves its trace within architectural substance - both a recording of a thing and that thing simultaneously.”

-Sam Jacob, Director at Sam Jacob Studio.

One Thing After Another is a project that started with the most mundane yet essential form of architecture - a garden shed. The structure was 3D scanned to create a digital copy which was then processed and scaled to fabricate a new CNC’d version from Sto’s lightweight construction material Verolith, made of 90% perlite, a type of volcanic stone.

The original shed sat surreally inside this larger digital version, and was reflected optically by the mirrored StoVentec Glass cladding on the interior. At the centre of the installation was yet another doll-house scaled copy of itself. It is architecture arranged like a Russian Doll where one version of a thing sits inside another.

Though the technologies of 3D scanning and digital fabrication the original building is both replicated and made different. The original building is transmitted into a new state: bigger and materially transformed. Instead of seamlessness and efficiency, it is concerned with representation and fidelity, using digital tools as a way of transforming the everyday.

One Thing After Another argues for an understanding of the possibilities of digital production that go beyond the blandly futuristic. Instead it suggestes that new technologies can open up a wide array of design possibilities which embrace imperfections, processes of making and embeds these narratives and histories back into the material and form.

Through this close collaboration with Sam Jacob Studio, Sto has had the opportunity to interrogate processes of digital design and manufacture. This exploration has not only shown us new exciting forms that are possible with our materials, but a new attitude toward digital processes. It is through Sam Jacob Studio’s unique approach that we have witnessed the potential of digital manufacturing processes to finish a material with the familiarity, warmth and character commonly felt from a hand finished surface.

Produced by Rumble

About Sam Jacob Studio

Sam Jacob Studio is a collaborative practice working across architecture, design and urbanism. Their design approach goes beyond traditional practice. Alongside design they help clients understand the potential of design to engage with the public and markets, developing approaches that use design as a way to build relationships, experiences and so create social, cultural and economic value.

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