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Droplet, an installation by Bureau de Change

October 14, 2016 10:00 pm - December 16, 2016 11:00 pmSto Werkstatt
Ben Blossom Droplet

"A visit does not disappoint" -Ellie Stathaki, Wallpaper Magazine

Sto Werkstatt invited emerging architecture practice Bureau de Change to create an installation that explored Sto’s Intelligent Technology (IQ) finishes. Designed to subtly evolve over the period of its duration, Droplet brought together the rich industrial heritage of Clerkenwell and Sto’s range of IQ facade finishes.

The focus of the space was a three-dimensional surface made of 100 petal–like forms and 100 pendulums suspended directly above in a grid formation, creating a field of vertical elements. The pendulums are a nod to the clock and watch making industry, which thrived in Clerkenwell from the beginning of the 18th century. Inspiration for the petal-like forms came from flower making tools, which were used in Sto Werkstatt’s building between 1876–1932 when it housed an artificial flower making factory as part of the philanthropist John Groom’s mission to train impoverished and disabled women to craft artificial flowers.

The sunken petal–like forms, which are CNCd from Sto’s lightweight facade material Verolith, evolved over the exhibition’s duration. Coloured liquid gently trickled down the wires of the pendulums suspended above, eventually dropping from the tips of the pendulums onto the petals below.

Half the petals were coated in a Sto IQ facade finish called StoColor Lotusan whose patented micro-textured surface supports self-cleaning and guarantees active, moisture regulating weatherproofing of facades: dirt runs off with the rain.

In contrast, the other half was coated in conventional facade paint, where droplets clung to its surface, building layers of intense colour throughout the exhibition. While this painterly effect was beautiful, the colour subtly hinted towards the dirt, algae and fungal growth many facades are hindered with.

An immersive, ever-changing work, Droplet provided an insight into both the Werkstatt’s history and its present function as a home to innovative materials.

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Filmed by Ben Blossom

About Bureau de Change

Bureau de Change is an award winning architecture practice founded by architects Katerina Dionysopoulou and Billy Mavropoulos. Its work is a direct product of the founders' upbringing, passions and experiences - combining the pragmatism and formality of their architectural training with a desire to bring a sense of theatre, playfulness and innovation to the design of spaces, products and environments. The result is a studio where rigorous thinking and analysis are brought to life through prototyping, testing and making.