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A MATERIAL APPROACH: Bureau de Change ‘Translating Processes, Innovating Craft’

April 12, 2018 4:30 pm - 7:00 pmWerkstatt London
Bureau de Change ‘Translating Processes, Innovating Craft’

Date: Thursday 12th April, 6:30-9:00pm
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At the core of each Bureau de Change project, there is a playful duality: between the expected and the unexpected. Every pairing of material and process is tailor-made and often responds to the traditions of the site, while also performing an unexpected shift in materiality, process or use.

For this fifth edition of ‘A Material Approach’, Katerina Dionysopoulou and Billy Mavropoulos (Founding directors of Bureau de Change), will share insights into the studio’s approach to innovating materials through techniques of making, translated from varied disciplines. Examples of this in their most recent projects include brickwork that draws from embroidery techniques, rope that forms a structural weave for furniture, or concrete used to recreate 1930s traditional architectural elements.

Translating Processes, Innovating Craft is also an opportunity for Sto Werkstatt to revisit Bureau de Change’s practice two years after their collaboration on the exhibition Droplet presented at the gallery in 2016.

A Material Approach is series at Sto Werkstatt which spotlights the relationships between architects and materials. Each edition offers a fascinating insight into the mind of an architect and their creative process – how decisions are made around the specification of materials and how architecture informs and is informed by particular qualities of materials. Sto Werkstatt is an architects’ testing ground for a wide variety of building products and surfaces and the Sto team offer technical and creative support for architectural projects all around the world.

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