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RIBA CPDs and Mini Lectures: Technical Advice on Specifying Materials and Systems Abroad

Sto Werkstatt presents RIBA CPDs and Mini Lectures at your Studio

Looking to fulfil your RIBA CPD requirements and get expert advice on specifying facade materials and acoustic systems abroad?

Sto Werkstatt is a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offers two architect CPDs which are RIBA Approved and inspirational mini-lectures available to book at your studio. Each of our presentations focus on specifying materials and systems on architectural projects abroad.

Getting local knowledge when specifying abroad

As anyone who has designed architecture abroad knows, specifications must comply with local regulations, climatic conditions, on-site building skills and material availability.

But, the hardest and most time consuming job is identifying who on the ground you can partner with and trust!

In our CPDs we use key reference projects to share knowledge gained from decades of experience in the development, manufacture, testing and implementation of façade and acoustic systems world-wide. We also offer an introduction to our uniquely close international network of experts and facilitate the smooth transition of your project from design to completion.

Key locations our CPDs cover include: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania, Greece, Turkey and the Gulf although Sto is active globally.